The Pro4uM FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

How do I reply to a post?

You can click on the button located at the bottom of any post. Or, you can go all the way to the bottom of a page and then make a new post in the “Quick Reply Box”. Finally, depending on your browser, you may see the button in the upper left, or the lower left. This option will give you the most options such as adding an image/attachment, or emoticons.

I made a post, but I made a mistake!

In most forums, you can easily edit your OWN post. Simply click the button at the bottom of your post you wish to change. You cannot edit the title of a thread; only a moderator can do that.

What do I do if I posted my reply more than once?

If you accidentally post a reply more than once, (most often done by hitting the reply key more than once) you can easily delete any duplicate posts yourself. (In any forum that you can edit your posts in) Click on the button and select the “delete” button under the post you wish to delete.

How do you quote another post?

You may quote an entire thread by clicking button at the bottom of the post you which to quote. To quote multiple posts within ONE reply click at the bottom of each post that you wish to quote and then when you hit the button, they will all show up in one box, and you can then enter your comments after each quote (after [/quote]).

What about smilies and other coding?

The simplest way to use smilies is to click on the appropriate icon from the smilies list. The smilies are also located inside of a reply when you use the button.

To change your font to bold, italic etc, a variety of selections are shown just above the “reply to thread” message box. Alternatively, you could use vB code. If you are copying and pasting from word or other documents, you may find that your text may be invisible to some, dependent on which “skin” they have chosen.

For that reason, we recommend that if you are pasting from a word processor or something, please do not use the WYSIWYG mode (which is the default mode). Instead, notice the button at the upper right side of any message box. Click it and the box will go white. If you paste into this “STANDARD” box, you will get much better results.

How can I know when a thread is posted to?

When you reply to a thread by default, you then “subscribe” to it.

You may also subscribe to a thread WITHOUT posting to it, by clicking on THREAD TOOLS at the top of the thread box, and selecting “subscribe to this thread”. You may view, edit folders, and unsubscribe to threads at subscriptions in your control panel (again, your control panel is at the top of any page, just click Settings).

How do I post an image or a ZIP file in a thread?

Either start a new thread (see below) or click the button from within an existing thread. Below the message box you will see a section named “Additonal Options”. Inside of that area you will see the “Manage Attachments” button. Click it and a new window will open.

The opened window will show acceptable file types and sizes, such as JPG and ZIP. The most often used for images is jpg, with a maximum file size of 89.8KB, with the longest side being 800 pixels. For a ZIP file, the maximum file size is 2 Megabites. If your file is bigger than that, we recommend that you break it up into smaller chunks and upload several. You can upload 5 at a time. Just click the “Browse…” button and find your image or ZIP file and it will attach from your hard drive. Next click “Upload” and then you can close the window.

If you are having problems sizing your images to fit onto the Pro4uM, you may want to consider watching Kirk's resizing movie to learn how to size images for posting.

How do I get a YouTube Video into a Thread or a Post?

All the way at the bottom of a thread is the "Quick Reply Box". The problem with putting a video into that area is that there is no "YouTube" button in that section. To get a video into the "Quick Reply Box", you will need to know the special codes, more on that later.

To find the "YouTube" button, click the button located at the bottom of any post. At the top of the "Message:" box, you will see the button. When you click it, the system will put this code "[YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]" into your "Message:" box. It is there, between the 2 middle brackets that you need to put the special "YouTube" codes to embed your video into the message.

From within YouTube, the code that you are looking for is located in the "URL" link area. It is the sequence of numbers and letters located after "?v=". Just copy those letter located AFTER "?v=" and paste them between the 2 middle brackets like this [YOUTUBE]LKI67rWQ[/YOUTUBE].

If you are trying to embed a video into a NEW THREAD, you will see the special "YouTube" button, at the top of your "Message:" box just like the "Reply" box.

Why are some names in larger fonts or bold?

Names shown on the home page under “active users” that are in a larger font are “Selling Members”.

Member names by replies within a thread that are bold, and say “non-member”, are not a paying member at the present time. Although their replies remain, unless they become a paying member again, they will not be able to see (or reply) to any comments made, or Private Messages.

Why are some words blanked out?

The software is set by an administrator to “blank out” (shown as *****) any words that are censored.

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